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[IP] Cataract Operation.

OK. I have ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) and now the eye guy wants  
to take a cataract out.

I have only one eye that works, at a _very_ nearsighted level. I know  
this has a risk of retina detachment, and if my eye goes wonky, I  
would be even less able to see, if at all.

Part of me wants to do it, as it would clear up some vision for me,  
but the underbelly part is saying 'Oh, H*** no!'. I guess it's a  
typical fear; everyone says "Oh, that's nuthin'... they do it all the  
time"... Yeah, they do: On folks with TWO eyes and NO ROP! Needless to  
say, I'm a scared puppy right now.

The Retinologist says if detachment happens, they can usually fix it  
with laser nowadays.

IF I go for this, how do folks on a pump deal? I know from when my dad  
had this done they patch your eye. I will then, for the overnight/ 
following time that this patch is on, be totally blind as my right eye  
has no function at all...

I'm thinking:
*New res and site the night before the op. I can use the audible bolus  
when needed.
*Have my big bathrobe in the fella's car so I don't have to dress or  
whatever at home, mainly stay in a tee shirt and scrubs, slippers.
*Get meals ready with CHO noted and recorded on my iPhone for  
reminders when I need to eat.
*Pitcher of iced tea or a few cans of diet coke by my bed, and some  
glucose for any lows.
*I have a prodigy talking meter I can use when this happens too. My  
fella can enter the results in the pump or he can use my Ultralink and  
run the bolus wizard for me.

So, after the op, how long do most have to keep the patch on, what  
drops if any would be given in the aftercare? Any soreness or itching  
I should know about? Just any kind of feedback you can give would be  

Thank you.
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