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[IP] Need immediate help, please

After spending half an hour with an advice nurse, I know I9ll get better
advice through someone here.

I guess I9m in DKA right now. Last night at 6pm my bs was 468, a total
shock. I knew it wasn9t due to food. I bolused a correction but felt it
sting when it went in so I assumed my site was bad. I was at a concert so
reached into my clothing to try and see if it was wet.

I inserted a new site while in my chair and bolused a half correction,
because I figured I didn9t get the full correction.

At 7 pm I was down to 176, and at 9 pm I was 85 with 2 1/2 units on board. I
was getting ready for bed so ate an english muffin without bolusing.

Woke up at 3:30 with a bs of 496. I rationalized that the food without bolus
caused the high, so I corrected with 6.95 units.

Woke up at 6:40 with my bs at 541. Pulled the site and found it folded over
itself; the first time this has happened! Corrected with 7 units by syringe
and placed a new site.

Obviously, I feel crappy. Modern ketones on the ketostick test. I9m pushing
fluids including a tea which contains some electrolytes. I feel a bit
nauseous but haven9t thrown up.

The advice nurse offered me an appt. with my GP at 9:30. She can9t message
the endo dept. and suggested I call when they open at 9.

What would you do? The only DKA experience I have was to go straight the the
ER since I was vomiting. They placed me on IV for a few hours and started
talking about inserting a line in a vein for potassium.

I hate the ER. My numbers have been coming down but not as quickly as I9d
like. I9m down to 469 right now.

Please email me at home if you have any suggestions. This is new stuff for
me as I9m usually so well managed!
Thanks a bunch,
email @ redacted
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