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[IP] pump question

<sites not working as well on 3rd or 4th day>

I have always had to change my site in about 48 hours - sometimes I do go 2
1/2 days if I am super busy, etc. - but my control starts to diminish after
about 48 hours - everybody is different - I develop scar tissue very easily
from any kind of wound, etc.  Even having my ears pierced at the doctor's
office 35 years ago - so much thick scar tissue in the holes of my ears even
to this day.  You might just have to change more frequently - try it and see
if it doesn't help.  My doctor writes my script for sets  to "change every 48
hours" - therefore they will pay for the amount that I need even though I
require more sets in a 90 day period than many people would use.  One good
thing from changing more often - your sites will heal up very quickly if they
are not used as long.

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