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[IP] Minimed Pathway, upgrading to GGMS question

 I signed up for one of the Minimed classes that I swore was supposed to be
about the CGMS. I have a 715 pump and do not currently use the CGMS but I am
curious and wanted to find out more from actual users and see it in person.

 Well, when I got to the class the NP/CDE told me it was the intro to pump class
which I definitely don't need. I was the first one there so she showed me her
system (she's a T1/pumper). The weather was nasty (rainy/cold) and nobody else
showed up, so I got to ask a bunch of questions, see the sensor & transmitter in
person, see the different pump screens etc.

 I asked her if more insurance companies were covering the CGMS/supplies and
told her what insurance I have. Both she & the Minimed rep (who had come in
after I arrived) said that my insurance is covering it. They gave me the name &
number for the sales rep who covers my part of the city (the rep at the class
covers a different area). The NP/CDE told me that I could upgrade to a 722
through the Pathway program and then get a prescription for the CGMS system,
which insurance should cover. She also said that since my pump was 3 years old
my insurance might cover a new one, but I doubt that.

 I wonder if it's worth doing the Pathway now or if I should wait another year
until my warranty is up and ask for a whole new pump. The Pathway is around $300
and right now money is tight, but I could probably do it. Has anybody gotten
insurance to cover a whole new X22 system even if their old pump was still under

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005
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