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Re: [IP] Pump - Question

The site could be "tunnelling' by the 3rd to 4th day. Meaning that there is a
build up from the 'open' wound causing the insulin to no longer be absorbed.
It's mentioned in the John Walsh book Pumping insulin. 
I know others can go longer on their sites, but for me I get 2 to 3 days max
on my sites. If they are going up by the 3rd to the 4th day, then i would say
that the site needs to be changed by then. It has nothing to do with the
infusion set itslef, but the site location.

As for his sugars not maintaining, there are a few things that can be
happening. 1. hormone levels are they flucuating 2.  Stress causes issues, 3
infection and or sick 4 - does he have allergys.
Sometimes might need to run a higher basal rate when it seems that the regular
basal rate isn't working. When I have any of the above issues i usually
increase my basal rate by 20 to 25% and run it for at least 4 hours and see
how i do.  Then increase the duration if need.  B ut thats just me and not a
10 year old boy.

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My name is Manish Purohit (from India) and my son (Anay, 10 Yrs old) is
type 1 diabetes since last one year. He is using Minimed 715 pump for last
months. I have following questions.

For last two days, we have changed his canola two times and still his levels
are not maintained. We (every time) have to give him insulin shots to bring
levels to normal range. He takes the canola in his stomach. We have also done
self test on the pump, change cartridge (although same batch) and checked if
proper insulin is coming out of the pump. We are really frustrated as we
have any clue about how to proceed. I will also talk to our doctor regarding
this issue.

Generallly his levels are not maintained on 3rd or 4th day and we are always
a dilemma that should we change his canola on 3rd or 4th day. He insists to
change it on 4th day.

Please help and advice.

Thanks and Regards

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