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Re: [IP] Pump - Question

--- On Wed, 5/21/08, Purohit, Manish <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  For last two days, we have changed his canola two times
> and still his levels
> are not maintained. We (every time) have to give him
> insulin shots to bring his
> levels to normal range. He takes the canola in his stomach.
> We have also done
> self test on the pump, change cartridge (although same
> batch) and checked if
> proper insulin is coming out of the pump. We are really
> frustrated as we don't
> have any clue about how to proceed. I will also talk to our
> doctor regarding
> this issue.

 What type of infusion set is your son using? Is it one that goes straight in,
like the Quick-Set, or the angled Silhouette? A lot of people have had problems
with Quick-Sets, where the cannula gets bent and the insulin doesn't get
delivered. When I started having problems I switched to the Silhouettes and now
I rarely have any issues. The Silhouttes can be scary looking, especially to a
child, but changing to a different type of set could help.

 There's also a set called the Sure-T which is a tiny metal needle instead of
the soft cannula. It goes straight in and doesn't hurt. Since it's metal, it
won't bend.
>  Generallly his levels are not maintained on 3rd or 4th day
> and we are always in
> a dilemma that should we change his canola on 3rd or 4th
> day. He insists to
> change it on 4th day.

 They recommend that you change the set every 2-3 days. I change my set every 3
days. Does your son want to change it every 4 days because he doesn't like
having the cannula inserted? If a set works well for 2 days and then you start
having problems, I would change it sooner rather than later.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005
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