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[IP] Insulin Pumps and Shabbos

Hi Rivky

I read your email about insulin pumps and shabbos and wanted to refer
you to an excellent article by Rabbi Meisels on the site 'Friends with
Diabetes  http://www.friendswithdiabetes.org  there are some excellent
articles well worth reading, the one I found with answers regarding
Shabbos was the
http://www.friendswithdiabetes.org/Files/PDF/Tishrei5766.pdf on page 3
of 4
The Rabbi has referenced lots of authorities for his comments, the
important stuff could be summarised as (don't let this stop you from
reading the article);

Don't use the back light
Make sure you don't have to change batteries
Make sure you don't have to change your infusion set
Pressing the buttons and using the different features are ok including
dual waves and the wizard features

He does comment about not using glucose monitoring over shabbos or Yom
Tov, though the article was written 2 years ago.
I started on CGM late last week and found it very useful over shabbos
as we eat out at friends and have a Kiddush at Shul and it helped me
not having to leave glucose testing machines and everywhere we planned
to eat even though you are not supposed to use the CGM for calculating
boluses, I felt happy with the readings and used them all the same.


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