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Judaism prohibits you from observing the rules of the Sabbath if the
endanger your life. The 1st priority is preserving life. When my rabbi found
out I was D he took me aside and told me that I should not fast on Yom
Kippur (The Holiest day of the year). I had already checked it out with my
Endo and we set up a plan so I could fast. Therefore there would be no
reason even the most observant of Jews would not be able to work their pump
on Shabbat. 

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Hi Rivky,

 > I wonder regarding shabbos which
 > features could be used

I am not a Jew (well, only 1/8th, and that in the father's line), but isn't
there an exception to the Sabbath rules if there is danger to life or

You see, if you cannot push buttons, you will not bolus _at_all_; even the
non-wizard ways to administer a bolus require pushing buttons. So how will
you make sure you survive your meal without DKA?

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