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Re: [IP] suspend feature

<<<ANY type of sugar or starch will hit you faster than cutting your basal.
If you are alert enough to hit suspend accurately and there are NO
carbohydrates available (out in the wilderness?  In your car and you forgot
your emergency carbs?), use the temporary basal at 0 or a very low number for
a couple of hours instead.  That way it'll go back to the normal basal in an
hour or two even if you pass out. >>>

Actually it depends.  I almost always set a temp basal for 0% for 30 minutes
to an hour when I'm low because with my gastroparesis the temp basal takes
effect way faster than eating something, although I usually do eat something
as well and bolus for it later.  I also use the temp basal to prevent pending
lows (so if I'm 100 and have a few units on board, I set a 0% temp basal for
an hour or two to try to stop the drop).  I almost never use the suspend
feature on my pump (other than quickly stopping and restarting immediately to
fix a bolus error) because I can guarantee I would forget to restart it.

Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00
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