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Re: [IP] Symlin in pump?

 I've been delivering Symlin in a pump ever since I started on it and so far no
problems.? Even better than a pump is turning a second infusion set into a
port.? You simply insert the infusion set and cut off the tubing.? That way you
can introduce an insulin syringe into the open end of the tubing and inject the
Symlin.? Granted you do lose a few units?due to the tubing being open at one
end, but that's well worth not having to take an extra injection.? I change the
Symlin infusion set every time?I change my insulin infusion set.



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Subject: [IP] Symlin in pump?

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Everyone, I know that people on this list have said they've tried delivering
symlin through an extra pump. I have a couple of questions about any potential
problems with this system: 1)Does the ph of symlin harm or clog the pump,
cartridge, cannula, etc., in any way? I know symlin is more acidic than insulin,
so I'm not sure if it deteriorates the cartridge or cannula, or clogs it, or
clogs the pump. 2)Is it a problem to deliver symlin to the same site over a
period of three days? 3)How frequently do you change the site if you do deliver
symlin through it? Thank you all in advance, Jordana Jordana Rosenberg Assistant
Professor !
  University of Massachusetts, Amherst Department of English 453 Bartlett Hall
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