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RE: [IP] re: suspend - The Results are In

Doug Wrote:
I would suggest that those of you that don't think that lowering your  
basals on a temp basis can result in a relatively rapid increase in  
your BG that you try it

If my BG is 70 and Im just hanging around the house setting a 50%  
temp rate for an hour or 2 will raise the BG and the increase will  
start in 15 min or so - Which is the same time frame that you are  
supposed to retest after consuming carbs.  I know that the graphs and  
charts suggest that it shouldn't work that way but - Just try it

Ricardo Responds:
I was skeptical, so I took the challenge.

I woke w/ a BG = 50. Normally I would reach for the jar of jelly  
beans kept on my night stand. This morning I decided to try your  

Initial BG 50, reduced basal 50% for 1 hour. Placed jelly beans out  
of sight.

15 min.later BG = 55

30 min.later BG = 52

45 min.later BG = 65

60 min later BG = 76

90 min.later BG = 97, Jelly Bean Jar lid still closed and no beans  
are missing.

In my case it took longer than 15 minutes to see any significant  
change. I can see using the technique for mild to moderate hypos, but  
if I were in the 30's or 40's, I don't think I would be able to have  
the patience or presence of mind to program the temp basal nor resist  
the jelly beans.

My conclusion is similar to yours. If I am just hanging around the  
house, don't have a critical task to perform (such as driving a car)  
and have the luxury of waiting about an hour to come out of hypo  
range, this technique does work, but I am not going to throw out my  
jelly bean jar. YMMV
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