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Re: [IP] suspend feature

Both are valid points, but I do in fact d/c the pump on those  
'special' mornings when I have to get FASTING blood draws. Invariably  
I wake at a 66 or 70. Tried cutting back basals and when you're not  
ALLOWED to eat anything, I find a 15 minute suspend for that one time  
a quarter that my body doesn't wanna play nice works for me.


On May 16, 2008, at 9:05 AM, Sue Ann Bowling wrote:

>> Every one remember there is a suspend feature on most pumps, and if  
>> not just
>> simply disconnect from your infusion set if ever your to low and no  
>> quick
>> acting sugar is available. It very well could save your life...
> ANY type of sugar or starch will hit you faster than cutting your  
> basal.  If you are alert enough to hit suspend accurately and there  
> are NO carbohydrates available (out in the wilderness?  In your car  
> and you forgot your emergency carbs?), use the temporary basal at 0  
> or a very low number for a couple of hours instead.  That way it'll  
> go back to the normal basal in an hour or two even if you pass out.  
> I use the suspend (followed immediately by resume) only if I want to  
> cancel an ongoing bolus, either because (1) I'm going too high while  
> a dual is active, in which case I suspend, resume, use the bolus  
> history to see how much of the dual was not delivered and do a  
> manual bolus for that amount, or (2) I've accidentally bolused too  
> much and catch it fast enough.
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