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Re: [IP] re: suspend

I disagree. If you are on a fast acting insulin like Humalog, it will 
start to bring your glucose down in about 10 minutes. Absolutely, 
disconnecting is the way to go. You mostly need to remember to monitor 
your blood sugar and make sure you re-connect. And everyone is different 
in the way they handle situations.

S. Falconer wrote:
> robert wrote:
>> ..there is a suspend feature on most pumps, and if 
>> not just simply disconnect from your infusion set 
>> if ever your to low and no quick acting sugar is 
>> available. It very well could save your life...
> I have to disagree on that account.  The insulin causing one to
> be low NOW is not the insulin going in NOW...and if I should
> happen to go so low that I pass out, I sure won't be able 
> to hook back up or unsuspend.  I know, eventually, if I don't
> die, my liver WILL kick in and dump glycagen and my blood sugar
> will start rising (unless I am such a control freak, I keep 
> my numbers running super low all the time and deplete 
> my natural stores of glucagen on a normal basis (which isn't 
> a problem for me)
> The only, really ONLY, answer to this question is, you should
> Never ever EVER be without quick acting sugar. Turning the
> pump off or suspending will not help you right NOW
> YMMV and my opinion is just that
> SSP 
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