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Re: [IP] Pump Protector

I'm going to try the screen protector option. I have some that I bought 
for my GPS navigator, though I'm not sure they'll work as the 2020 
screen isn't flat like a PDA, it's curved, we'll see.

I really was hoping to find a nice quality, thin cover to protect the 
pump. My son's Distetronics all (HTron/DTron) came with three covers, a 
plastic clip, a leather case w/ clip and a thin cotton cover with 
plastic where the screen was. I might just have to make one for his 
Animas as it looks like no one makes one. All the cases I've found 
online are either geared toward young children or are just too bulky and 
go outside your clothing on your belt.

We have had the opposite experience as Kay mentioned below. My son had 
his 1250 for over two years and it seemed like nothing could scratch the 
body paint or the screen. His 2020, on the other hand, had all the 
surface paint come off (just the dull base plastic showing) and the 
screen was pretty scratched after less than a year's use.

His pump had a system alarm about a week ago, which requires you to call 
into Animas, mostly to just "check in" and verify what you were doing to 
get the alarm and what type of alarm it was. The rep determined that the 
alarm we received did not indicate any problem with the pump and then 
asked us if we were happy with the pump or had any other issues with it. 
I mentioned the paint and scratch issue just to let them know about it 
and the rep insisted on replacing the pump. I was perfectly happy to 
leave it as is since it wasn't affecting functionality, but the rep said 
the pump's paint shouldn't have come off like that and that they didn't 
want there to be any issues with being able to view the pump's screens.

My son doesn't "baby" his pump but doesn't abuse it either. I just want 
to keep the new one from getting it's screen scratched like the one we 
just sent back. For a product that is a life-line, such as an insulin 
pump, I would expect it to hold up as good as, if not better than a cell 
phone, an ipod or a PDA. JMHO.

Mom to Tarek, 16 y.o., dx Type 1 11/98, Animas 2020, Novolog, FreeStyle Lite

Kay Guy wrote:
> Jenny was very hard on her Animas screens when she was in high school.  She
> has always carried her pump in the back pocket of her jeans. I was calling
> every few months to get a replacement. The newer Animas pumps have a
> redesigned, stronger screen that her 1000 or 1200 had. Now that she has a
> 2020 and is 19, she is having much better luck with screens lasting. If your
> son's pump is under warranty, call Animas. I never had trouble getting a
> replacement.
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