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Re: [IP] Bolus Dummy - Fiber

 <<<<I have warned many pumpers to not suspend. During a low Lantus/Levimir
> cannot be sucked out of the system. Leave that basal running! To truly be
> effective>>>>
> hi Jan
> I don't understand, would you mind explaining? thanks.....joy

When taking a long-acting insulin (NPH/Lantus/Levimir) it lingers in your 
body 12-24 hours acting like the basal a pump delivers. Pumps use only 
rapid-acting insulin and if stopped, is out of your system in about 2-3 
hours. Now, re: the discussion of differences in T-1 or T-2, a T-1 must have 
insulin circulating in the body. A T-2 has some natural insulin therefore 
does not go into DKA rapidly.

So, if when a T-1 person is low and stops the basal delivery, in a couple of 
hours you can be in real trouble. I said in the part that was <snipped> that 
the pump needs to be suspended 2 hours before a low happens (no way to know 
lol) that way it will coincide with the no insulin/low BG.

IOW, when a person on MDI with long-acting insulin has a low, that insulin 
is still working in the system. Leave the pump alone and let the basal 
insulin continue working in the system. Treat the low as is and do nothing 
to the pump. You can't do anything about the long-acting insulin. Same 
thing. ;-)


About FIBER:

I thought I read something previously that may clear up something about 
bolusing for fiber or not. There is a difference if you are a T-1 or a T-2. 
One of them does count it and the other ignores it. WHICH???????

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