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RE: Re: [IP] Bolus Dummy

Hi again, Tom --

 > I still wish they would fix that
 > (sorry, Felix).


 > "Pumping Insulin" has a table that
 > shows for my weight (145 lbs), 1 g
 > should raise 5 mg/dl.

_Pumping Insulin_ has a great many tables. However, the only one
whose numbers are reasonably close for everyone is the Table of

You can get an approximation of this particular number from your
carb/insulin ratio and your correction factor. For me, for
instance, 1u of insulin is aequivalent to 15g of carbs when
eating; and 1u of insulin is aequivalent to a drop of 30 mg/dl
when correcting.

Thus, eating 15g of carbs without taking insulin would raise my BG
by about 30 mg/dl -- so eating 1 gram of sugar would raise my BG
by 2 mg/dl.

You could, of course, fast for a while, then bring your BG up to a
safe value, take a unit of half a unit of insulin, and then keep
checking. (This requires that you have no active insulin when you
take the .5 or 1 unit.)

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