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Re: Re: [IP] Bolus Dummy

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From: "Mark Schweim" <email @ redacted> 

>> If you correct the low by EATING, and ONLY eating... You MIGHT have to eat 
> a little more to boost the BG a little higher, or you might later need an 
> added Bolus to correct for having eaten too much and causing your BG to rise 
> too much. >

 The whole reason I started this thread is because the bolus wizard always
recommends a bolus when I am low. I have had some extremely bright and
experienced users explain why this is (Thank you Felix, Liz, et al). My biggest
issue is that it seemed the wizard was wrong when it ignored my active insulin
(but only when my BG was below target).
 I have learned - both from the people here, and through painful experience -
that I really do probably need to bolus (even when my BG was 41). I just did not
bolus as much as the wizard recommended and I did not do an immediate (normal)
bolus. I still wish they would fix that (sorry, Felix). Anyway, bolusing 2/3 of
the wizard's recommendation spread out over an hour worked perfectly for me. I
am going to try to remember that formula. I just hope I don't forget it when I
get that low (and stupid).
> I'd be ALMOST willing to bet $$$ on it. If you leave the pump ALONE and 
> ONLY EAT to correct a Low BG, you MIGHT later need a correction Bolus.

 Once again, for me I really do almost always need to bolus - I seem to be
extremely sensitive to both insulin and sugar. One gram of sugar seems to raise
my BG 8-10 units. "Pumping Insulin" has a table that shows for my weight (145
lbs), 1 g should raise 5 mg/dl. That has not been my experience.

 BTW...your point about not suspending is dead on. I can't even imagine that.
Fortunately, even when I'm that low and stupid, that thought wouldn't even cross
my mind.

dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07
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