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RE: Subject: Re: [IP] very frustrated... Jenny

I have to agree with Virgina on this note.
I too have found that trying to get control for a certain period of time
Really works....I used to need to have good BG to go to the gym, then I
wanted good BG in the morning when I owke up....this one is still a

Over all I found focusing on just those numbers improved the rest of the
day too.

On the exercise issue, again I have the same issue or needing to add
During exercise.

One trick that works for many but I haven't dialed it in yet is to
Your basal before and during exercise...I know many many athlete's do
this...again YMMMV....

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*Virginia Tonning wrote:
*Indeed.  I couldn't say it better.  I have struggled with control my
life, and just recently have started to make some progress.  My best
would be to target a portion of your day, maybe afternoon, or dinner,
and improve one timeframe at a time.  Once you have fixed that, you will
amazed at how better you feel, and how  less overwhelming it is to fix a
portion than try and look at the whole day at one time.
Also in regards to the excercise comment, I couldn't agree more.  It is
frustrating to chug 3 juiceboxs before I excercise...but still trying to
figure that out myself....


I've also been frustrated with eating before exercise.  Several packs of
Smarties in a row and too much juice makes me have to go the the
Lately I've been drinking 1/2 a cup of milk with a glug of pancake syrup
2 tb of sugar mixed in.  I can down that in just a couple seconds and I
about 40 carbs quick without any fat.

Yessi (current torture instrument: Nordic Track elliptical)
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