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[IP] Bolus Dummy

I guess I am one of the few who has more then one Endo and CDE. Trust me it
isn't because I am rich or anything like that. Forty years ago, I was exposed
to Agent Orange! The defoliant that the government used in the Vietnam
conflict to cut the jungles back so the enemy had no place to hide.

Anyway,ten years ago I was diagnosed with DM T2. At the time I was 220# 6'2"
and big boned. My BMI was within range. So there was no reason for the DM.
Went the Pill route, which lasted about 6 years and then stopped working. I
then went to MDI and now the pump as of January. But I get ahead of myself.

I was in the Artillery and ended up with hearing loss and Tinitis(sp) really
severe, for which a I get a small percentage from the VA. In Sept. '01 the VA
determined that Type II DM in vets who were in country between the periods
1962 to 1971 could be attributable to Agent Orange Herbicide exposure (or any
of the other dioxin's that were spayed in Vietnam.) So my diabetes is now (has
been for 5 years) covered, and I get another percentage added to my VA
pension.  Figure this out. 10% for Tinitus, 20% for hearing loss, 20% for
Diabetes. Now you would think that adds up to 50%? Ya right, you don't know
the government yet if you think that. VA math, is only 40%. And I am fighting
to get my foot and leg Neuropathy covered with a percentage.

So that's how I have two Endo's, One from my HMO, and the other for the VA.
Believe it or no, I probably am getting the best coverage under this
arrangement. VA covers my pump supplies, Insulin, and other meds ( this is
only a recent addition) and my HMO covers whatever they don't (like the test
strips for the new meter). HMO paid for the pump. I will probably retire in a
few years so all I will have left will be the VA.


Sorry if I got off topic.

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