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[IP] Port

Hello. I thought that I would let you know, that my sugars are back under
control. No longer am I doing the D roller coaster ride that I was doing
post port-a-cath placement.
Back to my normal 90-140 range. No more seeing my meter in the 20's and
being Nice to me by saying HI (>500). I am no longer spilling ketones due to
high bg's, and also because the fluctuations were causing me either not to
want to eat or become sick with nausea and vomiting. I have also backed off
the apple juice consumption, back to my 8-16oz daily vs drinking a 64oz
bottle daily (well it was about the only thing that I could keep down).
I got dc'd from the surgeons office, unless I have a issue with my port, and
was reminded to go in ever 3 weeks to get it maintained (need to get it
flushed monthly to prevent a blood clot. and FYI to those that do know what
a port is, I have a bard port with groshong cath so no heperin needed.. just
I am excited that my sugars are no longer dropping me to my knees (because
of vomiting), and laying my arse flat out (trying to do nothing but guzzle
juice, and doing mini glucagon shots to prevent going low again).

R. Leppanen
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