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RE: Re: [IP] Bolus Dummy

<<<< I for one would not see a Dr. who would object to me tweaking my
I think that there is no one who knows me like I know me. However I still
for and respect his advice.>>>>
Thanks Oliver I've been so used to always being wrong at the dr's office,
and I'm just not used to this new "liberty". I keep taking little baby
steps, waiting to get plowed over and I don't....and I'm not sure if that's
normal, or just the new dr, but I sure am liking it!
For what it's worth, my Dr's guesstimates to get me started were dead on, so
I guess they weren't quite such guesses after all. I'm just going to have to
ask him right out how he wants to handle this, and am suspecting I'll be
pleased with his answer. I don't pretend to know more than him,  not nearly
as much as him in fact. But I feel as you do, no one knows me like me, and
the Dr isn't going to be there with me 24/7.......joy
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