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[IP] Re: Confessions of a pump murderer

I have never had to have my Cozmo replaced for any reason.  I did get  the 
free upgrade but my original one was still working fine.  I think my  favorite 
feature is the "Low Calculator" that tells you how many carbs you need  to eat 
to bring you up to your target number when you are low.  I  do not think any 
of the other pumps currently on the market have this feature  except the Cozmo.
Cheryl W. 
Jazz SD CGC - Belgian Tervuren
& the Chihuahua  Gang
Russellville, Alabama
Type 1 since 4/1969 - Cozmo insulin pump  with Novolog since 7/2005 - current 
A1C  6.0

In a message dated 5/14/2008  12:30:54 A.M. Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted  writes:

I can't  believe that I just received my 4th Cozmo pump and have pumped for
only 10  months. 

The first one I had some sort of battery error and the pump  kept cutting
itself off.

The second one was only here for a day  because it arrived with a flaky

The third one I called for a  replacement because it looked like one of the
seams was opening up....turns  out when I got my replacement today that there
are no seam there and I had  actually 3 cracks on the front of the pump (I've
only dropped it once, I  swear).

So, am I the only pump murderer in IP land?  I'm beginning  to think that I'm
cursed but I'm usually really lucky with electrical  equipment.

Sigh, thank goodness for  warranties!

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