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Re: [IP] OmniPod size and comments on 2 1/2 years of usage

I can respect what you have to say about the OmniPod, however.. I actually 
switched from a Animas 1250 to the Omnipod system and did not find it to be 
painless , actually about the same as the Inset, also out of the 4 Pods I 
used, 2 failed and as for there customer support and resolving problems, no 
comparison to Animas who IMO is the best with regards to support.

Each has there preference when it comes to pumping, I am glad it is working 
out well for you and that you are happy.  Being on a traditional pump and 
switching over to the POD I felt a sense of insecurity without the tubing. 
I know with the infusion set I am getting Insulin delivered into the 
bloodstream, I always wondered what the pod was doing.  The other thing that 
bothered me about the POD (and this may not be a problem for others) but .. 
everytime you throw the POD in the trash , it is a combo of batteries, 
copper, gold and plastic, shouldn't they have a recycling program?. also if 
a POD should fail, you cannot retrieve all the insulin out of the POD just a 
very small portion of it.

I think it no doubt has a future and in a year I may revisit with it but I 
think Insulet is going through growing pains and until that is resolved I'll 
continue on with Animas. Again it is a personal choice for each pumper and 
thankfully in this day and age, we have a wide selection of pumps we can 
choose from.

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> I've been on the OmniPod for as long as anybody, over 2 1/2 years. I find 
> all
> the comments as to size are humerous since everyone seems to compare it to 
> the
> infusion set and not the infusion set, tubing and pump itself which you 
> need to
> wear when you use a conventional pump. In fact the volume of the OmniPod 
> is
> about 1/3 that of the combined volume of the pump, tubing and infusion 
> set. The
> OmniPod painlessly auto inserts, perfectly every time.Ther pod autoprimes. 
> The
> sites wiggle less and cause much less site irriiitation. The Pods are 
> totally
> water proof, even in a hot tub. The PDM is super easy to use. Much easier 
> than
> my MM 715. It contains much more data than most pumps and displays 
> averages and
> graphs of BG's and many other things. The pod wastes much less insulin as 
> you
> loose none to tubing length and priming. The pod does not appear to be a 
> medical
> device like a conventional pump. I wear my almosy 100 % on the back of my 
> arms
> and usually need to feel around to find out where it is. It does IOB just 
> fine
> and I can't think of anything that a conventional pump does that the 
> OmniPod
> doesn't. I would neve go back to a conventional old school pump. With the
> OmniPod for the first time in 53 years of being a diabetic including 9 
> years on
> MM pumps I feel non diabetic. All the other pumps make me feel that I am 
> hooked
> up to a device that appears to belong in the hospital.
> When I was give the chance to be the first non Insulet person on the 
> OmniPod I
> jumped on it even though I had many reservations. I have had no regrets.
> BTW given the choice of CGMS or the OmniPod the OmniPod winds hands down.
> Anyway should I decide to use it the OmniPod will have CGMS later this 
> year.
> If you have any questions  any questions please feel free to email me.
> Andy
> .
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