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Re: [IP] Digital PDA for carb counting?

I have an Animas 2020 pump and the ezManager Plus software comes with and
integrates the pump, most of the One Touch bG meters and Palm Pilot software
into it. I have been using the Palm software, it is ok, you can't edit a
meal once you save it into the record, and you can't delete foods from the
database on the PC side. You can on the PDA side though. It has a Favorites
category that will let you add your own foods too, both from the PDA and/or
the Workstation part of it.

Before that I used and still have Diabetes Pilot
http://www.diabetespilot.com (there is a Palm version, a Windows Mobile
version and a desktop version) each is sold separately. The desktop does
synch and talk to the PDA version. So far this is the best program I have
seen out for diabetes record management and carb counting. It has most of
the Calorie King database embedded in it. It will let you track exercise,
blood sugars, meals and lots of other items. It will let you create and save
meals also, so you can put regular meals together as one entry and just
choose that and it puts all the items into the meal entry at once. The stats
and graphing functions both on the handheld and the workstation are very
good too. Lots of customization can be done and the info can be exported as
well. I am only using the ezManager Palm app now because it automatically
pulls the meals info into the desktop ezManager software upon hotsyncing. So
I now have my food, exercise, blood sugars and pump info all in one place
with very little manual entry needed.

I would recommend trying Diabetes Pilot. They have a free trial period.

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