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Re: [IP] Confessions of a pump murderer

I don't think that it's you... I wonder if pump companies are less 
careful about how well the pumps are built. I have had a Cozmo for 3 
years and (knock on wood) never sent it back. Does where you live have 
an effect on how often the pump malfunctions? Smiths Medical is about 5 
miles up the road from me so I could just turn up at their door. If, on 
the other hand you have to take many steps to send it back and it takes 
3 days each way, Murphy's just got to have a hand in it.

The repair tech from Smiths was shopping in Target one day and he asked 
how I liked my pump. He warned me that if a Cozmo gets dropped and lands 
exactly the wrong way, "it's toast."  Ever since, I've made sure to use 
the short infusion sets...because there's fewer contacts with the floor 
that way. Denise Bricher St. Paul, Minnesota

Caryn wrote:
> I can't believe that I just received my 4th Cozmo pump and have pumped for
> only 10 months. 
> The first one I had some sort of battery error and the pump kept cutting
> itself off.
> The second one was only here for a day because it arrived with a flaky
> screen.
> The third one I called for a replacement because it looked like one of the
> seams was opening up....turns out when I got my replacement today that there
> are no seam there and I had actually 3 cracks on the front of the pump (I've
> only dropped it once, I swear).
> So, am I the only pump murderer in IP land?  I'm beginning to think that I'm
> cursed but I'm usually really lucky with electrical equipment.
> Sigh, thank goodness for warranties!
> .
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