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RE: [IP] Bolus Dummy

Hi Tom,

 > Whenever my BG is above target, the
 > square wave bolus option disappears,
 > whether I am doing a correction or not.

If you use the bolus wizard, and your BG is above target, then, as
far as the pump is concerned, you _are_ doing a correction --
otherwise you would have skipped the BG entry. :-)

 > I need 15g carbs to compensate. I eat
 > 15 jelly beans ... and the other 185
 > in the bag.

 > OK, I am truly confused now. Why would
 > you eat the other 185 in the bag??

I was trying to construct an example where I eat more carbs than I
would need to compensate for my low BG. And, to be honest, eating
jelly beans until I burst sort of comes naturally to me. :-)

 > I guess my point is: I don't want it to
 > be so simple to do a normal bolus when
 > my BG is below target.

A valid concern -- the issue never arises for me, because if I
drop rely low (to the point where I cannot trust myself to hit
buttons, estimate insulin dosage, and so on), the desire to fiddle
with the pump is gone. In that situation, I'll either lie around
in a state of complete apathy, or I'll eat jelly beans and
everything else in sight, and never mind the bolus -- that comes
later. :)

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