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RE: [IP] Bolus Dummy

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From: "Felix Kasza (lists)" <email @ redacted> 

> You misunderstand the behaviour of the pump software. The square 
> wave bolus is not removed when your BG is above target, it is 
> removed when the pump suggests a correction bolus.

Hello, Felix,

 Once again, thank you for your lengthy and well-reasoned reply. I can assure
you, however, on this particular point, I believe you are nistaken. Whenever my
BG is above target, the square wave bolus option disappears, whether I am doing
a correction or not.

I need 15g carbs to compensate. I eat 15 jelly 
> beans ... and the other 185 in the bag. Given how fast jelly beans 
> affect my BG, I certainly do not want the extra insulin to be 
> given as a square wave bolus. 

 OK, I am truly confused now. Why would you eat the other 185 in the bag?? Do
you want the software to be able to cover for you for being confused?

> Anyway, if you can convince MM to give you a choice and to make 
> the pump's behaviour configurable, that's fine with me -- but it 
> works well as it is, and _I_ want it to remain this way. 

 I guess my point is: I don't want it to be so simple to do a normal bolus when
my BG is below target. Someone here already posted how they wound up in the
hospital because of this 'feature', and I don't want it to be me.

Once again, Thanks a bunch,

dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07
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