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RE: [IP] Bolus Dummy

<<It just seems to me like the wizard should take at least some of the
active insulin into account, and not let me do a normal bolus (without

I figure the pump computer views the IOB as already spoken for insulin -
used to treat food or high blood levels.  It subtracts it from high readings
so you don't over correct.  But ignores it for low readings because it may
still be needed to cover food already eaten but not digested.  And the bolus
wizard reminds you not to continue when you are low

I had a whopping 27 reading today.   It was a fast drop and really scary.
And, just before the drop I had eaten some food and taken a bolus to cover
it (I'm talking 5 minutes before the drop started).  I finally became
coherent enough to do a blood test, get the 27 reading, and get a can of
soda to chug -  it was probably 10 minutes after eating.  I used the bolus
wizard to calculate the bolus I need to cover the food I ate to overcorrect
the low.

BG: 27 at 3:58 pm
Food:  50 grams 3.3 units
Correction -1.5 units
IOB - 0.8 units
Estimated total 1.8 units
I took 1 unit at 4:16 pm - after my sugar level had started to rise

Did I know how much of the IOB was still needed to cover the food I had
eaten earlier?  No.  And, because my level was so low, I decided to correct
for highs later and eliminated the entire IOB.

When I was trained to use the bolus wizard, my CDE stressed that the IOB was
just a tool and that, unless I had the ability to figure the dosage out my
self - I should not use the wizard.  I use it only to compute the IOB and
the raw bolus needed to cover my carbs and highs.  I use the numbers
provided to determine my bolus.  But, I have to wait until my ability to add
and subtract return. 

Betsy, VA
dx 1957, pump 2000
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