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[IP] Bolus Dummy

 I have posted a few (well, maybe several) times about how unhappy I am with how
the bolus wizard acts when my BG is below target. Well, it happened again the
other night when my BG had dropped to 41.

 I got to the wizard, and told it my BG was 41, and it warned me not to bolus
unitl my BG was normal, but I bypassed that screen (as usual), and told it I was
eating 40 g CHO (glass of juice and a cookie). The next screen was to do a
normal (immediate) bolus of 1.4 units, even while I had 1.9 units of active
insulin. I will post the gory details of why it did this at the bottom of this

 Although I recognize that I needed insulin at that point (even at a BG of 41),
the way MM handles this situation is deeply flawed. When my BG is above target,
it removes the option to do a square wave bolus (extended bolus). Why in the
world don't they remove the option to do a normal bolus when my BG is below
target? If I had just unconsciously been pressing buttons at that point, I would
have been in real trouble.
 I had an appointment with my endo this afternoon, and he told me the MM reps
told him they are aware of the "problem". He told me he thought that ignoring
the active insulin when below target is just a bug, and would be fixed in future
releases. I'm not convinced he's right, and I told him they had documented it
very well - it was done deliberately. He seemed surprised. I also think that the
active insulin should not be totally ignored, I just don't know how much should
be factored in.

 Anyway, even when my BG was 41, I was actually able to thinmk, and I wound up
taking 1.0 units over 1 hr. It worked perfect - when I checked my SG's (sensor
glucose) in the morning, they hovered between 80 and 100 most all night. I hate
to think what would have happened if I had followed the wizard's recommendation.
I live by myself and have no pets - except for my fish, and I don't think they
would have noticed anything wrong. I like to experiment, but that's one I don't
want to try.

 It just seems to me like the wizard should take at least some of the active
insulin into account, and not let me do a normal bolus (without effort).

dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07

BTW, for those that are interested, the wizard calculated that:

My carb  ratio is 17:1
Correction factor - 70:1
Target BG - 100

 Thus for 40 g CHO, I needed 2.3 u, but subract correction of .9, and ignored
the 1.9 u active insulin. Thus, the recommendation of 1.4 units.
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