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RE: [IP] carb counting and fiber

Actually, before Atkins I learned in my carb counting class for the pump
that we needed to subtract carbs only after the fiber reached 4 grams.

I too have noticed how Akins diet skewed this fact and everyone was
doing the netcarb thing....

I do not remember how this was calculated and have wonder a couple of
times when my count was off if I should have adjusted for fiber.


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I don't believe in "net carbs". If something has 5 grams, I bolus for 5
I always felt like the "net carb" thing was something the atkins diet
made up. To me, a carb is a carb and i match my insulin to the total
count as that's what I was taught to do by my nutritionist.

I am very interested in seeing everyone else's response to this though.


On 5/13/08, Elisa Zalk <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I am counting carbs and need to know ,if there is fiber in something
> you
> take the fiber carb grams off of what you are counitng. For example if
> diet
> slice of seven grain bread has a total of 5 grams of carbs, 3 of which
> fiber, do you take insulin for 5 grams or for 2 grams? I would
> your
> input.
> Thanks,
> Elisa Zalk
> .
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