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Re: [IP] very frustrated...

Jenny, what pump do you use now?  I was using the Paradigm 511 and having
these problems more.  My warranty on it was past the MiniMed date, but was
still under the Medicare's one year extended warranty and my internal
medicine doctor referred me to an endocrinologist to see about me getting a
newer pump.  The endo did okay my getting a newer one - the MM522 which has
the Bolus Wizard in case Medicare okays me getting the CGMS (they haven't
yet).  But the numbers the endo put in the Bolus Wizard has really helped me
level out my numbers, some of the time anyway.  I have auto-immune hepatitis
which sends me high in the mornings and I'm doing better now with that
problem; not all the time but it's lots better.

So the MM522 has helped my control better than the MM511 did (no bolus
wizard in it).  This is just what has helped me.  Some times when I'm doing
good I think that I really won't need the CGMS, but when I get those bad
times I wish that I could have a CGMS (if it would help?).

Hope your endo had a solution.

Lola Emery
> Hi all~
> I don't post very often, I've pretty much been lurking.  But I'm really
> struggling.  My bgs are way out of control.  I go from 500+ to 50
> something
> and back up to around 300 in a matter of a few hours.  I see my endo this
> afternoon.  Unfortunatly, I've really been struggling with depression as
> well, which makes it difficult to keep good records, so it will be an
> interesting appt.
> :-(
> Jenny
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