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Re: [IP] very frustrated...

 Hey, Girl! We've all been there at some point. Don't be discouraged. You have a
whole family here willing and waiting to give you the support you need. Let us
know what you are doing and what pump you use and if it's not me, then I'm sure
there is someone here that has tips and ideas that can help.

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Hi all~

I don't post very often, I've pretty much been lurking.  But I'm really
struggling.  My bgs are way out of control.  I go from 500+ to 50 something
and back up to around 300 in a matter of a few hours.  I see my endo this
afternoon.  Unfortunatly, I've really been struggling with depression as
well, which makes it difficult to keep good records, so it will be an
interesting appt.


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