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RE: [IP] natur bakers blend

Hi Christene,

 > Wanted to know if anyone else has
 > seen this or heard of it?
 > http://bakersblend.com/faqs.html#01

Note the presence of sugar alcohols (erythritol, mentioned as one
of the polyol class of chemicals). If used in typical baking
quantities, I would expect this product to, um, "facilitate" bowel
movements. :-)

I am also glad that calcium is added to combat the widespread
calcium deficit in the American population. Just walk down the
street -- you'll see every other person fall to pieces, bones
crunching left and right, and so on. Oh, wait -- apparently, no
such thing is happening!

Perhaps the calcium is added because (a) it is one of those evil
nasty "chemicals" that are needed to refine sugar? "Less
processed" usually just means that wither the final sedimentation
or, alternatively, bleaching, are omitted. Or perhaps they add
calcium in the form of tri-calcium phosphate to prevent clumping?
Eeek, an evil phosphate! Just like the stuff in Coca-Cola!

Two asides:

(1) I am glad that the stuff contains no "chemicals". But since
every substance that occurs anywhere, including those in nature,
is a "chemical", I wonder whether the manufacturer sells an empty

(2) Nothing that contains 50% cane sugar (I guess "cane juice
crystals" sounds more tree-huggy) will ever have a low glycaemic
index, unless the other half of the weight is pure fat to delay

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