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[IP] RE: Need Info on Omni Pod

Hi Debbie,

We use the upper buttock, just below the beltline.  That way the belt
doesn't rub it but he doesn't sit on it either.  The site has held up
well.  Brian's not nuts about it either, but recognizes the need for
rotation and alternate sites to give his arms a rest.

Chris Brostrup-Jensen
Father to Brian, age 11, dx'd 6/03, pumping OmniPod since 7/06

> Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 16:51:25 -0500
> From: "KENNETH MOSS" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] RE: Need Info on Omni Pod
> Our 11-year-son old has had his Omnipod about seven months 
> and we love it. 
> It's his first pump and we saw the tubing as a huge drawback 
> for him, so the other brands didn't even entice us.  We use 
> mainly his arms and thighs, but we've tried his stomach a few 
> times.  He's not too meaty, so it bothered him there.  I'm 
> really curious as to where you put it on your son's bottom.  
> Our son has no interest in putting it in that area, but it'd 
> be great to have another rotation site.
> Debbie
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