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Re: [IP] U-500 Insulin

<<My TDD is usually anywhere between 60 and 80 units daily but can be 150+
when I can't breathe and am on steroids>>

My TDD is anywhere from 40-45qd. But when I am on steroids, I can use 160+
units per day (has increased by 10u qd in the last 3 months).
When I am on steroids, either it be because of a severe allergic reaction or
a lung infection (medrol or prednisone), I become extreamly insulin
This last time I had a cortisone shot into my left knee, I was using
anywhere from 165-171.75u qd.
My pump has a 300u cartridge, and when I am on such high amounts, I will
supliment with a pen (use both pump and pen). How I do that, is I would
calculate the cho for the meal, and bolus half via pump (max 10u) and the
rest via pen (use NovoPen JR for NovoLog when suplimenting pump or pump
break.. and when on pump break, I use Levemir pen).
I was told that I am not a canidate to use U500 when on steroids, even
though it would be easier on my skin and sites (I can only infuse 300u in
one site, any more than that, I have little to no absorption, and it burns..
so when on steroids, I have to change every 40-45 hours, and I am really
bad, for I change when my cartridge is empty normally (6-6.5 days).
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