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[IP] U-500 Insulin

I just checked my daily totals.  I am running around 170 units per day.  And
yes I am filling my 300 unit reservoirs about every 1.5 days.

Dick had a good point about bolus amounts of 15 units or more and how it may
affect absorption.  Perhaps changing to U-500 will help that, I hope so.

If I lose the weight which I also am hoping to do, perhaps I could go back
to U-100 insulin again.  But until that happens, I think this my be the way
to go.

My carb ratio of 15:1 represents what it has been set at for a long time and
to be truthful, I really need to test and verify this.  It may be more like
10:1 or maybe less.  Since correctional boluses do not seem to have as much
of a beneficial affect as they used to.

Before I go into the pump trainer on Friday, I plan on doing this very thing
so to be better able to get the pump fine tuned to do the best job.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and concerns.

Your great people.

Mark Thomas
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