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Re: [IP] U-500 Insulin


I am using about average136u a day: Carb Ratio  1:4 , Insulin 
Sensitivity 1:11 with a standard basal of 3.70u. Pump is a MM 722.  
Based on this I should be using 4080u a month. Figuring in a 10% (408u) 
loss for Prime and unused in reservoir makes a total of 4488u or 5 Vials 
of insulin. I average 2 days on a 300u reservoir and then refill or 
change site if it is sore.

I was using Humalog and using more insulin then above, after switching 
to Novalog is when I did the above. YMMV but mine decreased by 10% 
between the two insulins.

Based on your stated  usage of 7 vial or 7000u a month that equates to 
233u a day. Which if you have the 300u reservoir means your refilling 
every other day. I understand why your Dr would want to get you into a 
more potent Insulin like U-500.

As Felix said though, it is a regular insulin. Which means it is in your 
system longer (up to 8 hrs), and takes longer to act on your incoming 
Carbs or high BS, which is completely unlike Humalog or Novalog. With 
the u-500 you could put yourself into a low state accidentally if you 
went with a 20 - 30 u bolus as you currently do.

Good luck


Dick Hunt wrote:
> Ref:	
> <<Why would that be a problem? One of the benefits of pumping is being able
> to dose in very small amounts. A meal with 60g of carbs would be a .8u
> bolus. A snack of 15 would be .2 units.
> I'm wondering how much insulin the original poster is using. With a 1:15
> ratio,
> doesn't sound like he's got insulin resistance problems. Unless he needs
> major
> basal coverage or eats 2,000g of carbs a day I'm not sure where all of the
> insulin is going.>>
> Liz,
> My apologies.  
> I'm so used to high doses that it's hard for my old brain to get back to
> reality.  I bolus at 4:1 (3:1 at breakfast) and correct at 10:1 - basil
> around 2.0.  I'm in process, with my D-team, to get to some of my issues of
> insulin resistance problems.  
> As to where the insulin is going, I know that, for myself, if I bolus 20-30
> units 2 or 3 times a day,  my site won't absorb it all.  Thanks to this IP
> group, I found out what a square/dual wave was all about-I never knew.  It's
> made a world of difference in my control.
> Dick 
> .
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