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Re: [IP] GRRRRRRRR medical office lack of knowledge

I have to tell you that I just HAD Gastric Bypass surgery 2 weeks ago at a 
widely acclaimed hospital that is considered a Centre of Excellence.
I encountered MANY MANY medical professionals, nurses, technicians, and 
physicians alike who told me that soon I would be "off insulin completely"

This despite me telling them all repeatedly that I am Type 1 and had been 
since my diagnosis at age 11, when I was a normal BMI.  The whole experience 
was a continuous teaching situation for me...
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Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2008 3:04 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] GRRRRRRRR medical office lack of knowledge

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> Joy,
> My original frustration was in fact due to the subtle implications
> that you are expressing.
> I am glad that you have spoken out because I am certain that
> many other T2's have felt the same.
> By speaking openly on this forum we DO have a chance to
> educate ourselves in our own group. T1's NEED to really understand
> the implications in the word they choose can be hurtful to people with T2.
> I have people tell me all the time, well "so and so has diabetes
> but not the real kind like you".  It infuriates me to no end me to
> hear then pass judgment about something they know nothing about.
> How many of us have had to explain the NEED to eat sweets
> when we are low only to watch the blank stare on someone's
> face as they are obviously not listening.
> I myself had never heard of your condition until you told your
> story which only confirms my point that these labels are silly.
> For other diseases they call this secondary but it gets convoluted
> when you are not making anymore insulin...sooo more confusion.
> Just this last weekend my Mother-in-law  had to tell me that they
> were really making progress in curing diabetes...she saw that rediculas
> 60 minutes report on gastric by pass surgury....I have known her 15 years
> and she still believes I can get off insulin...BTW I did NOT explain that
> there is no cure for T1 yet and I no longer explain the difference
> between T1 and T2. After 25 years it never seems to help anyway.
> Hope you stay with us, we need to hear everyone's opinion and all the 
> tricks
> and tip you have learned on a using your pump.
> Thanks for speaking up
> Judy
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> From: email @ redacted on behalf of Joy L Wright
> Sent: Fri 5/9/2008 5:51 PM
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: RE: [IP] GRRRRRRRR medical office lack of knowledge
> <<<< When people notice my pump, I make it very clear that I've had the
> disease
> since age 4 (36 yrs), simply to dispel their bias against me.  After that,
> they usually begin to ask questions as their perception is that diabetes 
> is
> associated with older sedentary individuals (which I'm neither).>>>>
> Yes God forbid anyone should think you are a scumbag T2 I guess I just
> figured out that we are most definitely NOT all in this together and I 
> guess
> I will be unsubing from this list. I don't have to tolerate people 
> implying
> everything your statement entails about T2 diabetics. BTW, I'm SO glad YOU
> are taking the time to educate the uneducated individuals you meet. I only
> wish you would educate yourself FIRST!
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