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RE: [IP] GRRRRRRRR medical office lack of knowledge


My original frustration was in fact due to the subtle implications
that you are expressing.
I am glad that you have spoken out because I am certain that
many other T2's have felt the same.

By speaking openly on this forum we DO have a chance to
educate ourselves in our own group. T1's NEED to really understand
the implications in the word they choose can be hurtful to people with T2.

I have people tell me all the time, well "so and so has diabetes
but not the real kind like you".  It infuriates me to no end me to
hear then pass judgment about something they know nothing about.

How many of us have had to explain the NEED to eat sweets
when we are low only to watch the blank stare on someone's
face as they are obviously not listening.

I myself had never heard of your condition until you told your
story which only confirms my point that these labels are silly.

For other diseases they call this secondary but it gets convoluted
when you are not making anymore insulin...sooo more confusion.

Just this last weekend my Mother-in-law  had to tell me that they
were really making progress in curing diabetes...she saw that rediculas
60 minutes report on gastric by pass surgury....I have known her 15 years
and she still believes I can get off insulin...BTW I did NOT explain that
there is no cure for T1 yet and I no longer explain the difference
between T1 and T2. After 25 years it never seems to help anyway.

Hope you stay with us, we need to hear everyone's opinion and all the tricks
and tip you have learned on a using your pump.

Thanks for speaking up



From: email @ redacted on behalf of Joy L Wright
Sent: Fri 5/9/2008 5:51 PM
To: email @ redacted
Subject: RE: [IP] GRRRRRRRR medical office lack of knowledge

<<<< When people notice my pump, I make it very clear that I've had the
since age 4 (36 yrs), simply to dispel their bias against me.  After that,
they usually begin to ask questions as their perception is that diabetes is
associated with older sedentary individuals (which I'm neither).>>>>
Yes God forbid anyone should think you are a scumbag T2 I guess I just
figured out that we are most definitely NOT all in this together and I guess
I will be unsubing from this list. I don't have to tolerate people implying
everything your statement entails about T2 diabetics. BTW, I'm SO glad YOU
are taking the time to educate the uneducated individuals you meet. I only
wish you would educate yourself FIRST!
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