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Re: [IP] A mixed bag: my take on MM CGMS

Maybe we should all invest in a few CGMS units and pass them around every
couple months to make sure we're on top of things!

One you insert a sensor you want to get as much time out of it as possible
since they're expensive. Dexcom 7s are $60 each. I was getting about 12 days
from one. But you have to buy them in packs of 4 and they only have a 4
month shelf life. I've been told Dexcom will replace any expired sensor,
though. They're also great about replacing a sensor that doesn't last 7 days
or doesn't insert or feel right.

Dexcom ran a special for the month of March where the sensor, 4 sites and
receiver (in other words, the complete start-up pack) which works with any
glucose meter, was $500. Seems to me you could always nudge them to give a
better price now that they have more competition.


> I was always led to believe that one did not have to use the sensors
> everyday, and that treatment should be in fact validated with a stick
> bg test.
> I would may use it to fine tune a bit, and maybe twice a month or as
> needed.
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