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RE: [IP] U-500 Insulin

<<Hi Mark,

 > how does [using U-500 insulin] relate
 > to a 15:1 carb ratio?  Does that mean
 > it is now 15:.2?

Yep. Of course, it is more easily expressed as 75:1 (75 grams of
carbs to 1 "five-fold unit" of insulin).>>

In relation to Felix's comments, if you are at a ratio of 15:1 and will go
to about 75:1, how will you manage that?  As an example, at mealtimes with a
carb intake of say 60 carbs, even 1 unit of insulin would be a challenge to
bolus.  Also, a snack of say 15-20 carbs would be almost impossible.  
I believe my math is correct, or please correct me, if I'm wrong - the U-500
is 5 times more potent, right.

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