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RE: [IP] U-500 Insulin

Hi Mark,

 > how does [using U-500 insulin] relate
 > to a 15:1 carb ratio?  Does that mean
 > it is now 15:.2?

Yep. Of course, it is more easily expressed as 75:1 (75 grams of
carbs to 1 "five-fold unit" of insulin).

Three things:

(1) I wonder if pump manufacturers can adjust your pump to deal
directly with U-500 (instead of you keeping in mind that "1 unit"
will really mean 5 units).

(2) U-500 only comes as Regular. Onset of action and tail will be

(3) Is it worth the bother? So once a day, or every other day, you
have to disconnect, rewind the pump, top up the reservoir,
re-prime, and reconnect. Is that really so much of a hassle? Or do
you have actual problems running a large volume of fluid through
your infusion sites?

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