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Re: [IP] now t1 vs t2

  > I'm curious about "what happens" to Type 2s before diagnosis? I know
  > is no typical, I am just wondering.
  > Libby
  > Type 1, dx March-96
  > Animas 2020 since Oct-07

   I was diagnosed at the age of 30 and I was told that I was a type 2. I lost
about 30 ponds in under a month, was constantly hungry & thirsty, running to
the bathroom every 5 minutes, had blurry vision, horrible headaches, and dry
itchy skin.  I am a teacher and the nurse at my school at the time (a good
friend of mine I had not seen in a week or more) saw me and asked me why I
looked so worn out.  I told her my symptoms and she said "Call your doctor NOW
and go see him". I left school as soon as I could arrange coverage.  I drove
over 20 miles on the Baltimore Beltway to my apartment, picked up my wife and
infant daughter and drove another 5-6 miles to my doctor's office.  He checked
me over and sent me for blood work.  I went home and watched my daughter while
my wife went to work that night.  The next morning as I was baking cookies,
the phone rang, it was my doctor and he asked to speak to my wife.  He told
her to drive me to the emergency room at our local hospital.  When I got
there, the doctors and nurses hooked me up to an IV and gave me a shot of
insulin.  They also tested my blood with a glucose monitor and sent a sample
to the lab for testing.  After I was hooked up to the IV and had been poked
and prodded, one of the doctors finally told me that my blood sugar the night
before was 635 and the test they just did was 475.  At the time, these numbers
did not mean anything to me.  He then explained that many people pass out at
lower numbers and I should not have been functioning well at these levels.
They brought my BS level down, gave me some pills and a prescription for a
meter and strips and sent me home.  The pills seemed to work for a while (BS
levels in 160-200 range most of the time), I even went off of them for a few
months that first year.  Several years later, I developed a severe sinus
infection that took two separate courses of antibiotics to clear up and left
me unable to bring my BS under 250 or so even after fasting.  At this point my
doctor put me on Lantus (20 unit to start and up to 50) at night to help level
out my BS.  This worked somewhat but I still was getting high numbers (200-400
at times especially after meals). After over a year of this, I finally
convinced the doctor to sent me to an endocrinologist. After he examined me
and looked at my blood work ( C-peptide of basically 0) he put me right on MDI
( Novolog and Lantus) and my numbers got better.  I was seeing many spikes
after meals and especially after breakfast and it was at this point I asked
about the pump.  It took over 6 months to convince the insurance company to
pay for my pump and supplies, but the pump and supplies are covered 100%, I
just pay the copays for my insulin and strips.  My doctors still has me listed
as a Type 2 but I have never had an antibody test done and I have been
diagnosed for almost ten years.  Is it possible that I really am a late type
1?  To both myself and my doctors, it really does not matter because we (as a
team) have a plan in place that is working.
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