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RE: [IP] at home a1c tests?


the Diabetes Monitor 

A1C Meters and Kits

    * A1C Meters

         1. Updated July 19, 2006: Metrika Inc. in Sunnyvale, California,
just became a Bayer subsidiary and is currently marketing its multiuse A1C
test device called the A1CNow+ to physicians and will offer it to consumers
in 2007. The URL is

         2. Provalis plc, a British healthcare company, said that its
Glycosal diabetes test of A1C has been granted prescription home use status
in the U.S., meaning that doctors can prescribe it for use at home by any
patient with diabetes. Marketed in the U.S. as the Cholestech GDX for
$895.00 and the Bio-Rad Micromat II for $3,308.00, it is, however, priced
for office use. Glycosal is standardized to the Diabetes Control and
Complications Trial (DCCT) and has been certified by the National
Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program. It uses boron affinity
chromatography to separate glycated hemoglobin from non-glycated. The URL is

         3. Quotient Diagnostics in London, England, is developing a
low-cost instrument and cartridge that will permit A1C testing at full
standards of laboratory precision and accuracy within the scope of a single
clinic visit. While initially the company is concentrating on rapid, easy,
and inexpensive A1C testing at the point of care, a company representative
advises me that the technology is simple enough to adapt for home use.
Although at first the company is focusing on A1C, they intend to add
fructosamine testing and possibly others such as microalbumin. The URL is

      Revised March 20, 2007
    * A1C Kits

      Three companies now offer test kits that allow FDA-approved at-home
testing of A1C (SpectRx has discontinued its SimpleChoice A1C test kit). You
send in the sample and get the results back in the mail.

         1. BioSafe Laboratories Inc. in Lake Forest, Illinois, offers the
BioSafe Collection Kit for $24.95. BioSafe's kit uses a filter paper
process. The URL is

         2. Diabetes Technologies Inc. in Thomasville, Georgia, offers the
Accu-Base Hemoglobin A1C Sample Collection Kit for $21.95 plus $3.85
shipping. It is available either over-the-counter or by prescription.The URL

         3. FlexSite Diagnostics Inc. in Palm City, Florida, offers the A1C
At Home collection kit. FlexSite's kit uses a filter paper process. One test
is currently (June 24, 2006) on sale for $9.95. The URL is either
            http://www.flexsite.com/ and http://www.alwaysincontrol.com/. 

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Subject: [IP] at home a1c tests?

Does anyone know if these are still available?   My a1c has been climbing,
and though my endo wrote me a slip for a fructosamine test, I'd like to do
some a1cs at home.  When I looked, though, the only at home tests I could
find were for mailing a sample to a lab, not actaully performing a test at
home.  Does anyone have more info about real at-home tests?
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