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Re: [IP] now t1 vs t2

<< It' surprising too, that you can produce ketones when your BG is low,

Not really for me is it surprising.
I have been known to be in my mid 80's and spill sm. ketones. 120's and
spill medium/moderate ketones.
If I am remembering correctly, I have even been LOW (UNDER 70) and spill

Ketone bodies are produced in 2 different ways.
Lack of insulin (which diabetics are familiar with),
Lack of Carbs.. ie adkins diet.. which is a ketogenic diet. This is a diet
that you severely restrict carbohydrates and your body uses its lipid (fat)
storage for energy.

Ketones are the byproduct of your body caniblizing itself. Either because
there is not enough insulin to unlock the cells to enable the cells to
uptake the glucose in the blood or where there is adequit amount of insulin,
but not enough carbs consumed, and the body uses its self (lipids/fat) for

I have been in ketosis from not eating enough carbs AND ketosis caused by
not enough insulin. Neither are fun.

When a type 1 has been within "normal" sugars (70-110 non-diabetic range
according to the ADA) and then goes up to around 200, the body is not used
to that, and will start to caniblize itself, therefore produce ketone
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