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I have to chime in now. I have been using the MM sensor since they were
first available in Maryland, two years now. I absolutely love it and cannot
go even three days without it. ZI find it is extremely accurate. You have a
learning curve at first. I put the sensor in at night and calibrate it in
the morning, or when I wake at night. This means it will be more accurate
than if I were to I calibrate during the day when I am likely to be eating
or doing something different. I only calibrate three times a day.  More
often is not good.  If it is off more than 30 points and I allow for lag
time, I just turn it off on the pump. I wait a little while and turn it on
again and say start new sensor (even though it is not a new sensor). It will
immediately ask for a BG and will start over as if this were a new sensor.
Then I am back on track.  I put the sensors in my thighs so I do not have
much bleeding, pain or disturbance.  I put them toward the inner thigh so
they don't show with pants.  I regularly get 14 days from a sensor and they
are accurate all the time.  You have to find the best place for you because
we are all different. My stomach is no good at all for sensors.  I put the
infusion sets above my waist usually and I am now using Sure T's and
Silhouettes.  I had problems with the quick sets bending at the end and
stopping the infusion.  I find the sensors are especially good for travel. I
will be in China next week and in Spain in June for a daughter's wedding. I
cannot test every two hours when traveling and eating different foods. I do
look at the sensor often and take action if needed but I do not test every
two hours like before.  My advice is don't give up too soon. Also use them
at least 7-10 days.

Maureen Helinski
email @ redacted
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