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Re: [IP] A mixed bag: my take on CGMS

I'd want to use them all of the time, if I had one.

 I was gung-ho to get one until I re-joined IP and started reading about
people's experiences with them. After reading all of the feedback, I'm less than
enthused with what I'm hearing.

 Because I've got great control already, I can afford to see a CGMS as a luxury
I can do without until such as time as they become more consistent, don't
require additional holes in my body, and are less of a pain to deal with and/or
calibrate. The risk/reward/effort/result ratio is still way to high for me to
want to do it.

I'm happy to continue reading early adopter reports though.


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I would, in a perfect world use them all the time, Alas, economics and  
insurances do play a big part in the use of these. If my insurance  
actually says OK and gives me a go on them, that's when I would keep  
using them. But, I may wind up having to pay for them.
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