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Re: [IP] A1c refetence diferentiation question...

I was at times, very disheartening when I went to a CDE/Endo a few  
years back, they would say, Hey, your HbA's at 6%! Way to go!!"

Yet, as I was paying when I left (They stopped taking medicaid a few  
months before) it would say on the form: 'Control; Fair to poor'. I  
was almost in tears but they said it was the way their formas were for  
insurances... HUH??

Anyway, it was enough to make me go somewhere else after 3 times of  
paying for them. Laws changed and now I can't go out of network  
without a pre-auth and junk.

I figure if I'm not in the throes of hypoglycemia all the while and  
feel well without massive rises, I am doing OK.  My HbA can fluctuate  
a lot, last was 8.4, down from post holiday 9.6 and it was good in  
this offices' eyes as the trend is going down instead of up or staying  
where it was.

I was comfortable with a usual 7-7.2%

On May 9, 2008, at 12:36 PM, Betsy wrote:

> <<I think that your CDE has the right idea, that goals should be  
> based on
> the individual and it should be based on more than just an A1c.  Day  
> to day
> fluctuations are just as important, so I would trust the opinion  
> more of
> someone who had carefully studied your blood glucose records, rather  
> than
> making a blanket judgement based on a single number.>>
> I thank God that my endo feels the same.  She doesn't even order the  
> A1c
> anymore.  My PCM does, but that is her problem (yes, both of them are
> female).  I get my pump care from the endo and see the PCM for  
> everything
> else.  The PCM is great, but sees more non-pump/non-insulin dependent
> diabetics and finds the A1c to be a useful tool for them to grasp.  Of
> course, as we are a retired military family using a military  
> facility for
> care, that will change when my endo get orders to go somewhere else.  
> But I
> am enjoying fantastic care while I have her.
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