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RE: [IP] A1c refetence diferentiation question...

 <<I think that your CDE has the right idea, that goals should be based on
the individual and it should be based on more than just an A1c.  Day to day
fluctuations are just as important, so I would trust the opinion more of
someone who had carefully studied your blood glucose records, rather than
making a blanket judgement based on a single number.>>

I thank God that my endo feels the same.  She doesn't even order the A1c
anymore.  My PCM does, but that is her problem (yes, both of them are
female).  I get my pump care from the endo and see the PCM for everything
else.  The PCM is great, but sees more non-pump/non-insulin dependent
diabetics and finds the A1c to be a useful tool for them to grasp.  Of
course, as we are a retired military family using a military facility for
care, that will change when my endo get orders to go somewhere else. But I
am enjoying fantastic care while I have her.

Betsy, VA
dx 1957, pump 2000
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