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RE: [IP] now t1 vs t2/overweight Type 1

--- On Thu, 5/8/08, Libby Brown <email @ redacted> wrote:

> It's hard for me to see how a type 1 could be
> overweight at diagnosis. When
> your body is in DKA, you lose weight and are very sick. I
> think that is a
> clue. Just a thought on this topic.

 I was overweight at diagnosis. Yes, I did lose weight but that's still relative
to what you weighed before. I went from feeling perfectly normal, to feeling a
little run down/tired (full time student + working) to noticing that something
was most definitely wrong in the span of about 6 weeks. The last week before my
diagnosis was absolutely horrible. I kept telling my mother that I didn't want
to go to a doctor and she finally forced me to make an appointment. When I
walked into his office and told him how I had been feeling he looked extremely
worried and had me pee in a cup. He told me to get to the ER immediately and not
stop for anything. He wrote a letter asking them to admit me right away. The ER
doctor told my mother (not me) that I should be dead, or at least in a coma. I
don't know what my BG was and the number would have meant nothing to me anyway.
I do know they did a fingerstick in the ER but it was too high for the meter to
 I was in DKA, could barely move and just wanted to die.

 Over the years I lost weight, gained weight, gained a LOT of weight when I
switched to MDI and tried for tight control (my A1c, when I finally got health
insurance, was over 15) and finally was able to get control (of my weight, my
blood sugar, my life) when I switched to the pump 3 years ago.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005

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